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From an early age, David Agyemang, also known as Agye (pronounced Adj), grew up witnessing his father play the role of master of ceremonies at a variety of events within the community.  Through this David’s journey began as he observed and adopted charm, charisma and the ability to eloquently communicate with audiences. 

Due to his vibrant energy, unmatched dance skills and non-stop enthusiasm, David was often described as the life of the party at the events he attended. His passion for creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere quickly caused friends, family and the church community to request him as a host for their upcoming events.

As an established UK based host and master of ceremonies, David has interacted with audiences of various cultures, ages and backgrounds. His experience extends to weddings, birthdays, corporate events and launch/listening parties, just to name a few.

David’s energy, creativity and crowd engagement will guarantee that guests leave the event entertained and with a smile on their faces. His commitment to going the extra mile ensures he provides a bespoke service that will meet the needs of the occasion. Whatever the event, whether in the UK or oversees, get in contact to experience all David Agyemang has to offer.

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